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Andes: Cordillera Blanca
Trekking. Santa Cruz - LLanganuco + optional climb (Nevado Pisco, 5,752 m)

Next scheduled departure: June 2 and 19, July 7 and 24, August 11, September 2, 2018. Consult us for any other dates between May and September

Nevado Taulliraju

Cordillera Blanca is the the world’s biggest tropical mountain range. Huascarán (6,768 meters) is the tallest of over 30 peaks rising above 6,000 metres. Cordillera Blanca has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world for high altitude trekking.

Day 1. Peru (Lima, 154 m)

After the long journey, we will need to recover our energy and adapt to the new time zone. Our first night is therefore in Peru’s capital city.
Accommodation: Hotel in Miraflores district.
Meals included: None.

Day 2. Lima - Huaraz (3052 m)
404 kms: 8 h

After breakfast, we head to the bus station for the 8 hour trip up to Huaraz. On arrival, we will probably feel the effects of the 4016 m altitude passed along the way.
Accommodation: hotel. Meals included: breakfast.

Day 3. Huaraz - Chavin de Huantar - Huaraz
218 kms

Chavin de Huantar

To ensure our successful acclimatisation, the first day in Huaraz will be spent visiting the Chavin de Huantar archaeological complex, the largest know site of the powerful Chavin culture, part of the origins of Andean civilisation dating back to the 1st and 2nd centuries BC.
Accommodation: hotel. Meals included: breakfast.

Day 4. Huaraz - Laguna Wilcacocha (3745 m) - Huaraz
10 kms ↑693 ↓693: 3.30 h

Our first trekking day will help our acclimatisation. After a 15 minute ride from Huaraz to Santa Cruz village (Chihuipampa bridge), we will start the walk to Wilcacocha Lake, taking in views of part of Cordillera Blanca. Return to Chihuipampa bridge and private transport back to Huaraz.
Accommodation: hotel. Meals included: breakfast and packed lunch for the excursion.

Day 5. Huaraz - Cashapampa (2919 m) - Llamacorral (3773 m)
12 km ↑865: 5 h

Llamacorral, Trekking Cordillare Blanca

An early departure from Huaraz by private transport to Caraz, then along a track to Cashapampa, the starting point of the trek through Cordillera Blanca. Today we climb up the Santa Cruz valley to a large meadow zone in Llamacoral, where we will set up our first camp.
Accommodation: tent. Meals included: all.

Day 6. Llamacorral (3773 m) - Taullipampa (4179 m)
13,6 km ↑528: 6 h

Taulliraju, Trekking Cordillare Blanca

We continue climbing along a path to Ichicocha and Jatuncocha Lakes, with views of two beautiful peaks, Alpamayo and Artesonraju. In the afternoon, we arrive at our next camp in Taullipampa, with an imposing view of Nevado Taulliraju.
Accommodation: tent. Meals included: all.

Day 7. Taullipampa (4179 m) - Punta Union (4750 m) – Cachinapampa (3700 m)
16 km ↑587 ↓1061: 9 h

Trekking Cordillera Blanca

An early start for the climb up to Punta Unión. This ancient trail was used in pre-Columbian and colonial times to transport goods from the eastern side of the Andes to the main valley. Breathtaking views of the two valleys await us at the top. The long descent is rewarded with a lower altitude campsite and probably a much more comfortable evening rest.
Accommodation: tent. Meals included: all.

Day 8. Cachinapampa (3700 m) - Pacsa (4142 m)
12 km ↑756 ↓307: 6 h

Colcabamba, Cordillera Blanca

A gentle descent through Colcabamba and Vaquería, rural hamlets in another picturesque area, with an opportunity to appreciate the lifestyle of Andean farmers. Afterwards, a steep climb through a Quenual forest ends at a clearing surrounded by mountains, a peaceful place for a campsite.
Accommodation: tent. Meals included: all.

Day 9. Pacsa (4142 m) - Portachuelo (4767 m) – Yuraq Corral (3846 m)
16,5 km ↑767 ↓867: 7 h

We leave Pacsa early for the ascent to Portachuelo Llanganuco pass, with spectacular panoramic views of Huascarán (6655 m), Huandoy (6160 m), Pisco (5752 m) and Chacraraju (6112 m). We then continue on to our campsite at the head of Lake Macho, in the Llanganuco valley.
Accommodation: tent. Meals included: all.

Day 10. Yuraq Corral (3846 m) - Campo refugio (4665 m)
6,2 km ↑830: 5 h

Subiendo a campo Refugio

Today we leave early to climb up to our campsite at Refugio Peru. We can accompany the Nevado Pisco group to the start of their descent to the glacier moraine.
Accommodation: tent. Meals included: all.

Day 10 NEVADO PISCO OPTION. Yuraq Corral (3846 m) - Campo refugio (4665 m) - Campo Morrena (4850 m)
9 km ↑1135 ↓374: 8 h

Atravesando la morrena glaciar

From the Refuge, we continue to the edge of the glacial moraine and then up a vertical step with the aid of a fixed chain. Once on the moraine, we will spend about two hours walking along an uncomfortable boulder field to a point called Campo Morrena, a small clearing surrounded by large boulders, a few metres from the glacier.
Accommodation: tent. Meals included: all.

Day 11. Campo refugio (4665 m) - Laguna 69 (4.612 m) - Yuraq Corral (3.846 m)
12 km ↑230 ↓1010: 5 h

Laguna 69

A path with constant ups and downs leads to one of the most beautiful lakes in this area, Laguna 69. From here it is a simple descent to Yuraq Corral where we will all meet up again for the vehicle trip to Yungay (approx. 1 hour along a track).
Accommodation: hotel. Meals included: breakfast and lunch

Day 11 NEVADO PISCO OPTION. Campo Morrena (4850 m) - Cima Nevado Pisco (5752 m) - Yuraq Corral (3.846 m)
13 km ↑836 ↓1871: 12 h

Escalando el Nevado Pisco

The climb begins at 3 am in the light of our headlamps. After a steep ascent, at 5100 m we find ourselves at the start of the glacier. Here we don our technical equipment and rope up. The first sections are a bit complicated until we reach a firmer zone.
At 5300 m we reach Pisco pass, from where there is a hard climb along the crest of the mountain up to the summit. Along the way, we will have to cross several cracks and a few steps which, while not too complicated, may be daunting for those not familiar with this icy world.
We will then retrace our steps back to Campo Morrena, Refugio Peru and then Yuraq Corral, a long descent requiring energy kept in reserve during the ascent.
Accommodation: hotel. Meals included: breakfast and lunch.

Day 12. Yungay – Lima

In the morning we will visit the hacienda of one of our guides, where we will enjoy a typical Andean dish, pachamanca, a mixture of meats and different types of potatoes and legumes baked in a stone oven buried in sand.
In the evening we board the bus back to Lima, arriving at about 6 am, then directly to the hotel for a few hours’ rest.
Accommodation: Hotel. Meals included: breakfast and lunch.

Day 13. Lima

Distrito de Callao, Lima

We will visit the streets of the historical centre, Plaza de Armas, the San Francisco convent catacombs, the BCR Museum and its Treasures of Peru collection, and the Callao district. In the evening we can also visit one of the many salsa dance venues near our hotel.
Accommodation: Hotel. Meals included: breakfast.

Day 14. Lima - Airport

Transfer to the airport and return flight.
Meals included: breakfast.

Trekking en Perú
Fotos del trekking en la Cordillera Blanca, Perú Mapa del recorrido por La Cordillera Blanca
Cost: Please ask us to angel@kasbahitran.com.
Included: All transfers, accommodation and meals as described in the programme, local guide, Huascaran National Park entrance fee.
Not included: Visit to Chavin on Day 3. The cost is minimal, but this trip is optional as some may prefer to rest after arriving in Huaraz.
Compulsory insurance. Those joining the Nevada Pisco climb need to be registered in "MODE D" with the Spanish Mountaineering Federation or similar, which covers high altitude activities worldwide, and also have standard travel insurance for any event off the mountain. Those who only join the trek can contract their own private insurance. Calculate € 80 approx. for annual cover for sports and also accidents or events in other circumstances.
Currency: NUEVO SOL, PEN (100 PEN = approx. € 26).
Documents required to enter Peru: passport valid for at least 6 months after the date of entry.
Practical information: You don’t need to be an expert mountaineer to join this trek, but you must be in a good physical condition to fully enjoy the experience.
For the Nevado Pisco ascent, you need to be experienced in moving with crampons and an ice axe.
It is absolutely essential to be open-minded and prepared to help in every way to ensure a magnificent group experience for all.
During the trek, we will be accompanied by a guide, a cook and staff in charge of the pack animals. We will also take a horse to cope with any adverse event.
Your big backpack will be carried by animals, and should not weigh more than 15 kg per person.
For the Nevado Pisco climb, there will be one IFGMA alpine guide for every 3 climbers, and also porters to transfer the material to Campo Morrena.